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AAS in Fashion Designing (CCCJ)

AAS in Health and Wellness Tourism (CCCJ)

This 2 year programme is designed to prepare graduates for a career in spa and health and wellness management.

ASc in Agricultural Technology (MBCC)

ASc in Agro-Processing and Business Management (CCCJ)

ASc in Architectural & Construction Technology (CCCJ)

ASc in Business Administration (CCCJ)

ASc in Criminal Justice (CCCJ)

ASc in Culinary Arts (CCCJ)

ASc in Engineering (CCCJ)

ASc in Funeral Services & Mortuary Science (MBCC)

ASc in Hospitality and Tourism Management (CCCJ)

ASc in Information Technology (CCCJ)

ASc in Management Information Systems (CCCJ)

ASc in Modular Computer Studies (UTECH)

ASc in Pharmacy Technician (CCCJ)

ASc in Psychology (CCCJ)

ASc in Social Work (CCCJ)

BSc in Business Administration (CCCJ)

BSc in Business Administration (UTECH)

BSc in Hospitality & Tourism Management (CCCJ)

BSc in Management Information Systems (CCCJ)

BSc in Plant Science (MBCC)

BSc in Social Work (MBCC)

BSc in Social Work - CCCJ (CCCJ)

Certificate in Career Advancement Programme (CAP) (LOCAL)

This programme is managed by HEART Trust NTA in collaboration with the MOE.

Certificate in MBCC Academy (MBCC)

Programme that allows students to sit 2 or 3 CXC subjects along with CAPE courses or CCCJ courses. It allows students to matriculate for Associate Degree programmes while completing a maximum of 3 courses in the Associate Degree programme.

Certificate in MBCC Academy - Associate (CCCJ)

This programme helps students to matriculate into the CCCJ Associate Degree programmes. Students do CSEC subjects along with CCCJ courses.

Certificate in Patient Welfare and Home Care (CCCJ)

Certificate in Phlebotomy (CCCJ)

Certificate in Pre University Arts (LOCAL)

Certificate in Pre University Business (LOCAL)

Certificate in Pre University Science (LOCAL)

Certificate in Preliminary Science (UWI)

OAD in Restaurant Operations (MBCC)

The Occupational Associate Degree Programme in Restaurant Operations is an Applied Associate Degree which is designed on workplace competencies with the intent to provide workforce solutions in the Hospitality & Restaurant Services Industry, with particular focus on the training and certification of persons at the noted level. The programme contents will expose participants to the technical, operational processes and managerial competencies required in areas such as, menu planning, sanitation and hygiene, restaurant costing, facilities designing, wines and liquors, restaurant operations laws, etc.